Parent Information – (Please read)

Welcome to Camp Bethel! We have put together this parent information page to try and answer questions you might have about sending your youth here.

Location of Camp

  • Coming from Sheridan, WY (approx. 48 miles):

Head North on I-90 to Exit 9.  Take Hwy 14 through Ranchester, then Dayton, and on up the mountain another 24 miles.  Camp will be one mile past Lake Sibley on the North (right) side of the road.  (If you come to Arrowhead Lodge, you’ve gone one mile too far.)


  • Coming from Basin, WY (approx.. 50 miles):

Head East on Hwy 14, up Shell Canyon.  Go past Burgess Junction about 5 miles.  Camp will be one mile past Arrowhead Lodge on the North (left) side of the road. (If you come to Lake Sibley, you’ve gone one mile too far.)


  • Coming from Lovell, WY (approx.. 40 miles) - CLOSED NOV. to MAY:

Head East on Alt Hwy 14 (14 A).  Go past Burgess Junction about 5 miles.  Camp will be one mile past Arrowhead Lodge on the North (left) side of the road. (If you come to Lake Sibley, you’ve gone one mile too far.)


Outdoor Activities

Camp Bethel is an outdoors camp. Most of what we do is outside, as weather permits. We own 2 buses which are used to transport your camper around the mountain for different activities, such as, but not limited to: hiking, kayaking, tubing, swimming, overnight campout, natural water slide, and more. We also have archery, trap shooting and 22 rifle range. High schoolers may also be taken down to the town of Dayton at the bottom of the mountain for a pool party. We love God’s creation and we'll do our best to get your camper out in it!


The Right Camp for Your Child

We organize our camps by grade level rather than age, always counting your child’s grade as the one they will be going into in the upcoming school year. For example, if your child just finished second grade, they would need to register for the third through fifth grade camp. For our Winterama camps, campers register for the current grade they are in.


Waiting List

When a camp fills up, we will have a waiting list for those wanting to attend. When, and if, a camper cancels, we will call campers on the waiting list in the order they were received. Therefore, if the registration has been shutdown due to a full camp and you would like to place your camper on the waiting list, please email the camp registrar at with your request to be placed on the list.


Cost of Camp

Cost may be found on this website under events, summer camps, and then selecting the camp you wish to send your camper to.


Camp Bethel Corner Store

Each week campers have the opportunity to visit our Corner Store where we sell candy, drinks, snacks, t shirts, and other camp memorabilia. The cost of these items range between $1 - $30.00 and is not included in the cost of camp registration.  During camp check in, if your child has money for the Corner Store, we will collect it and put it into an account for them to access during the week.  At the end of the week we will refund what has not been used.  We do this to make sure your child’s money is safe.


Check-in and Pick-up Days

Jr. Boys and Jr. Girls camps (3rd – 5th grade), check-in is on Tuesday at 2 pm. For all other camps check-in is on Monday at 2 pm. All camps end on Saturday after the 10 am closing ceremony. Parents and guardians are invited to the closing ceremony to see and hear about the week their camper experienced.


Cabin Assignments

We do not assign cabins to campers. Your camper will get to choose which cabin he or she would like to be in during the check-in process. If your camper wants to be in a cabin with a friend(s), we recommend they go through the check-in line together so they can choose the cabin with enough open space for their group of friends.



Camp Bethel’s food is prepared in a common kitchen with the risk of cross-contamination. Therefore, we recommend that campers with food allergies exercise judgment in consuming foods prepared at Camp Bethel. Campers with sensitivity to cross-contaminated food and/or celiac disease will need to bring their own prepared, sealed and labeled food for the duration of their stay at Camp Bethel. Thank you for assisting us with this arrangement.


Identification of Special Needs

Camp Bethel uses colored, waterproof wrist bands to help identify individuals with food allergies and/or special medical needs. If you have any questions about food allergies or special needs, please contact the camp registrar, at:


Medical Staff at Camp

All of our staff are trained in First Aid/CPR/AED. We also hire a person to be our Chief Health Officer. This person is responsible for collecting all medications (needs to be in original container) and dispensing medications as instructed by the parent/guardian or according to the instructions on the container/bottle.

If an emergency were to arise, Bear Lodge, 4 ½ miles away, would be called. Bear Lodge has an EMT and ambulance service. The nearest hospital is Sheridan Memorial Hospital.


Emergency Contacts During the Summer

If your child is at camp this summer and you urgently need to get a message to him or her, you can do so by calling the camp office at 307-655-7021. For all other non-emergencies, please email the Camp Director, at Since there isn’t any cell service on the mountain, please be aware that you will not be able to call your camper.


Campers and staff love to get mail and hear from you while they are at camp!  The easiest way to send your campers messages is to shoot them an e-mail. Simply send an e-mail to Please don’t forget to put your child’s name in the subject line, and their counselor's name if you happen to remember it. Emails will be printed and handed out during mealtimes. Please limit your emails to no more than two per camper for the entire week. Since there isn’t any mail service on the mountain, please do not send any mail or packages to your camper.


Packing List

  • Bible

  • Notebook

  • Sleeping Bag & Pillow

  • Toiletries

  • Towel

  • Swim Clothes

  • Water Bottle (very important item)

  • Warm and Casual Clothes

  • One nice outfit for banquet night

  • Two pairs of shoes

  • Sunscreen

  • Light jacket (Rain and possibly snow)


Appropriate Clothing

  • Shorts of modest length (6-inch inseam minimum) 

  • No tank-tops with straps less than 1 inch wide

  • No tight or revealing clothing (open-backed shirts, leggings, etc.)

  • One-piece swimsuits (if you do not own a one piece, you may wear a two-piece suit with a dark color shirt over top)

  • Boys must wear shirts at all times including to and from the lake. They may be taken off when swimming.

  • Shoes with a heel strap (no flip flops or slides)

  • No clothing with graphic images or language


Items NOT to Bring

  • Electronics and other Valuables

  • Gum

  • Illegal substances, alcohol, tobacco, or vapes of any kind

  • Weapons of any kind including pocket knifes


Rides to Camp

Camp Bethel does not provide or make arrangements for rides to camp. Each camper must provide or make their own arrangements to get to camp.

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